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RUINED by Paula Morris

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Ruined by Paula Morris

 The cover art of this book was what originally  caught my eye and i am glad it did. As this is one book that i couldn't put down. i loved ever moment of this story. 

This is a story that has aspect that we can all relate to. 

There were truly moments in this story were i felt i could really connected and could relate to what  Rebecca was going through . 
Through out the story i could realy visualizer the places  and the events that were happening in the book.

From the moment you open the book you will find your self being pulled in to New Orleans

I cant wait for the sequel. 

The story Line

Ruined tells the story of Rebecca who is sent to  live in a creepy old house with her Aunt Claudia, while her dad is travelling.

Rebecca could not feel more alone as she tries to find her place in New Orleans.Attending a snooty prep school, were a pack of rich girls treat Rebecca like she's invisible.
   But when the gorgeous and unavailable Anton Grey seems to  notice Rebecca and give her time   
   of day, she  cant help but wonder if he's got a hidden agenda.
   It is in Lafayette Cemetery, that  Rebecca makes  her first friend.  The sweet and mysterious  
   Lisette is eager to talk to Rebecca, and to show her the nooks and crannies of the city. But is Rebecca prepared for what the nooks and crannies hid
Rating: 3.5 stars
Book: Ruined
Author: Paula Morris
Type: novel
Avalible at:  amazon  


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