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chosen by PC Cast & Kristen Cast

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Chosen kicks off shortly after Betrayed finishes.
Throughout the events in  Marked and Betrayed have made it clear that Zoey has been chosen for a special reason by the vampyre goddess, Nyx. 

This story is aimed at an older teen audience, with  Zoey experiencing sex, witnesses the results of gory violence and suffers a cruel betrayal during the course of Chosen which makes for compulsive reading no matter what your age group.

The plot twists and turns but even as some mysteries are solved,( the poetry professor interest in Zoey) more mysteries and problems  take their place. Much like a revolving door. When you add Zoey’s complex relationships and complicated love life into the mix I can guarantee that after reading Chosen you will be making a return trip to the book store for the next instalment (Untamed) in this series. 

 Chosen is another gripping book in the House of Night series.  If you are looking for dark intrigue, mystery, and death then this is the series for you.

The story 

Dark forces are at work at the House of Night and Zoey Redbird’s adventures at the school take a mysterious turn. Her best friend, Stevie Rae, is undead and struggling to maintain a grip on her humanity. Zoey finds herself in the very unexpected and rare situation of having three boyfriends. Mix a little bloodlust into the equation and the situation has the potential to spell social disaster. Just when it seems things couldn’t get any tougher, vampyres start turning up dead. Really dead. It looks like the People of Faith are tired of living side-by-side with vampyres. But, as Zoey and her friends so often find out, how things appear rarely affects the truth…

Rating: 4.3 stars
Book: Choosen
 Author: PC Cast & Kristen Cast
Type: house of night 
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betrayed by P.C. & Kristin Cast

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Betrayed is the second novel  in the House of Night series by mother and daughter duo P.C. & Kristin Cast
The events in Betrayed are set about a month after the events in Marked finished.  These books are written as a series, and the story continues from one book to the next. So you will need to read them from the start.
Marked saw Zoey having to come to terms with realising that she was destined to become a unique vampyre and having to move to a special boarding school for fledgling vampyres.  Betrayed sees  Zoey becoming  more confident Zoey and starting to use her goddess-given powers.
Throughout the story we find  Zoey tring to deal with her feelings for her human ex-boyfriend who she has Imprinted with and her feelings for her new boyfriend Eric,( a vampyre fledgling,)  Now if that wasn’t enough drama in her life enter one of the attractive male vampyre teachers who is flirting with her.  
The dark intrigue that has been circling  the House of Night since Zoey arrived is intensified. There is something very wrong at the school and yet it seems that Zoey is the only person who can sense the dangers. 
The plotting is fast paced, with loveable characters ( twins, damon) and a easy to follow storyline.
This is a great  addition to the  addictive House of Night series. 

The Story 
Zoey, High Priestess in training, has managed to settle in at the House of Night and come to terms with the vast powers the Vampyre Goddess Nyx has given her. Just as she finally feels she belongs, the unthinkable happens: human teenagers are being killed, and all evidence points to the House of Night. While danger stalks the humans from Zoey’s old life, she begins to realize that the very powers that make her so unique might also threaten those she loves.

Rating: 3.5 stars
Book: Betrayed
 Author: PC Cast Kristen Cast
Type: house of night 
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Marked House of night by PC Cast and Kristen Cast

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In October this year the ninth book in the House of Night series will  released, so i have decided to take a look back at the series so far and get those of you who haven't read the caught up.

Marked the first book in the never ending series will have you engrossed from the very beginning. Zoey the leading lady is writen in a way that you can really relate to. She is your average teenager . Her family is less then average ( no happy traditional family here). Her mum has married a man the she doesn't like, and she just doesn't seem to fit in. The only time she feels truly loved is when she is at her grandmothers   lavender farm.  
In this world vampires are no secret. Teenagers are select and “marked”  with a crescent tattoo in the middle of their forehead. If you are marked, you must leave your family and go live at the House of Night. A private school for vampires where fledgling vampires learn to live as vampires and hopefully make  The Change. 
Starting at a new school is never easy especially when zoey isn't your average fledgling, but as she tries to make the most of her new life so this or someone may be trying to course more harm then good 

I have to admit that this series really is one of my guiltily pleasures. From the moment i started reading i was pulled in to this world in Tulsa.  I loved that  at moments i was Zoey and at other moments i felt like one of her closeted friends.  

Will you be marked?

The story 

After a Vampire Tracker Marks her with a crescent moon on her forehead, 16-year-old Zoey Redbird enters the House of Night and learns that she is no average fledgling. She has been Marked as special by the vampyre Goddess Nyx and has affinities for all five elements: Air, Fire Water, Earth and Spirit. But she is not the only fledgling at the House of Night with special powers. When she discovers that the leader of the Dark Daughters, the school’s most elite club, is mis-using her Goddess-given gifts, Zoey must look deep within herself for the courage to embrace her destiny – with a little help from her new vampyre friends (or Nerd Herd, as Aphrodite calls them).

Rating: 4.3 stars
Book: Marked
 Author: PC Cast Kristen Cast
Type: house of night 
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Exile by Rebecca Lim

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When i first started reading Exile i thought it would be written in the same formula to Mercy. That the story would be a mystery wrapped up in a bit of romance and a little soul searching. But I turned out to be both right and wrong.
Mercy’s new host is Lela Neill, a young lady who is struggling to hold on to the renaming shreds of her life. Her mother is fighting a losing battle with cancer. 
The Green Lantern is the Central location for this story, it is also were Lela works.
Lela seems to be a genuinely nice person and the ending was  sad. The other characters in Exile  are a mixed bunch of equally lost souls, who by the end of the book you have developed a soft spot for. 
 Luc’s is a lot  less dominant in this book and I was glad for that because my gut instinct is that he is trouble.The love story that seems to start in Mercy continues in Exile and Ryan continues to be a source of much swooning for Mercy

The Story

Mercy′s search continues ...
All Mercy knows is that she is an angel, exiled from heaven for a crime she can′t remember committing.
So when she ′wakes′ inside the body and life of eighteen-year-old Lela Neill, Mercy has only limited recall of her past life. Her strongest memories are of Ryan, the mortal boy who′d begun to fall for her - and she for him.
Lela′s life is divided between caring for her terminally ill mother and her work as a waitress at the Green Lantern, a busy city cafe frequented by suits, cab drivers, strippers, backpackers and the homeless, and Mercy quickly falls into the rhythm of this new life.
But when Mercy′s beloved, Luc, reappears in her dreams, she begins to awaken to glimpses of her true nature and her true feelings for Ryan. How can she know that her attempts to contact Ryan will have explosive consequences?
Meanwhile, ′the Eight′ - responsible for her banishment - hover near, determined to keep Mercy and Luc apart, forever ...

Rating: 3 stars
Book: Exile
 Author: Rebecca Lim
Type: series
Avalible at:  amazon , kmart, Target 

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Mercy By Rebecca Lim

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From the moment  i started reading Mercy i was captivating by this book.
There are definitely elements of this story that I loved and other elements that I felt were lacking in one way or another. But i found the overall story line was intriguing and enjoyable.
I loved the concept of Mercy waking up in a  various different girls’ bodies and inhabiting them for short periods of time. Never really  knowing exactly why she’s there, but some how helping to improve their life.
She feels their presence within the host body, and she keeps their best interests in mind, although she may act out of character at times. 
I was a little confused with the introduction to Lu, and I didn’t understand Mercy’s wanting to be with Luc, 
The small story arc of Lauren’s disappearance helped make the story even more enjoyable. I knew that  she must be alive, but I had no idea who did it or why. I couldn't imagen how extremely twisted the whole thing really was.
And Ryan… I am hoping this is not the last that we see of him! 

The story

A fallen angel haunted by her past. Yearning for her immortal beloved. Forever searching for answers.Who will show her Mercy?
Mercy has lost herself. She can’t count how many times she’s “woken up” in a new body, and assumed a new life, only to move on again and again. During the day she survives in the human world on instinct and at night her dreams are haunted by him. Mercy’s heart would know him anywhere. But her memory refuses to cooperate.
But this time is different. When Mercy wakes up she meets Ryan, an eighteen year old reeling from the loss of his twin sister who was kidnapped two years ago. Everyone else has given up hope, but Ryan believes his sister is still alive. Using a power she doesn’t fully comprehend, Mercy realizes that Ryan is right. His sister is alive and together they can find her. For the first time since she can remember, Mercy has a purpose; she can help. So she doesn’t understand why the man in her dreams cautions her not to interfere. But as Ryan and Mercy come closer to solving the dark mystery of his sister’s disappearance, danger looms just one step behind.

Will Mercy be able to harness her true self and extraordinary power in time?

Rating: 3 stars
Book: Mercy
 Author: Rebecca Lim
Type: series
Avalible at:  amazon , kmart, Target 

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EVERLASTING by Alyson Noel

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Firstly if you haven't read the first 5 books, get off your butt and read them or you will never get this book. I must admit I both looked forward to and dreaded the day 'Everlasting' would be released. This is the final chapter in 'The Immortals' series. I must say I'm sad that the series is over, but I cannot praise Alyson enough.'Everlasting' starts where 'Night Star' finished.
Ever and Damen  are still very much in love but there is so much that stands between them and happiness. Can Ever find  the truth she  seeks, so that she and Damen can live the life they deserve?Although they called a truce, the love triangle between Damen, Ever and Jude is still apparent.
The characters are amazing. Good and Evil or, as Ever would say, Good and Plenty. I adore Romy and Rayne.and they remind me so much of Riley.
Just as I think Damen and Ever's future happiness is set in stone and they've solved the puzzle,  Alyson throws the hugest twist that makes me want to scream and at the same time beg for more.
The scenes between Damen and Ever are intense in this book. I feel like i have been on this amazing rollercoaster with them. 
Every time you're about to cheer something always seem to go wrong . Or like any couple  Damen or Ever make a decision the other doesn't agree like. Then it gets to a point where you think  that after everthing it is just to much and they are going to separate.

If like me you've enjoyed 'The Immortals' series I'll be surprised if you don't cry by the shocking in the last chapter.
A truly amazing read, a fantastic end to a truly wonderful series.

The story

The sixth and final installment of the epic love story that has enchanted readers across the world. Ever and Damen have spent centuries facing down bitter rivals, jealous friends and their own worst fears—all in the hope of being together forever. Now in Everlasting, their destiny is finally within reach.
Will they be united—or torn apart forever? Readers will finally discover the truth in this anxiously awaited conclusion!
Rating: 4. stars
 Author: Alyson Noel 
Type: series
Avalible at:  amazon , kmart, Target 

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NIGHT STAR by Alyson Noel

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Night Star
This is the most exciting book yet . Haven blames Ever for Roman’s death, and is now  hell bent on revenge The best way to do that is Damen. If she can take out Jude on the way, the better. 
Damen has been keeping a past lives with Ever from her.  When she finally finds out about this new information it is going to put her between a rock and a hard place. 
This secret  is so dark and brutal, it just may be all it takes to drive her away from Damen for ever
Ever has many obstacles in this book. She will need to decide if her feelings for Damen can overcome the dark secret he has kept from her.
This latest adventure is more personal to Ever, as she struggles reach her former best friend,  and her soul mate Damen. 

The story

Best friends make the worst enemies—they know all your secrets, your weaknesses, and just how to hurt you most...

After fighting for centuries to be together, Ever and Damen's future hinges on one final showdown that will leave readers gasping for breath. Don't miss this explosive new installment of the number one bestselling series that's enchanted millions across the world!

: 4. stars
 Author: Alyson Noel 
Type: series
Avalible at:  amazon , kmart, Target 

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Muse by Rebecca Lim

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The life Mercy inhabiting in Muse is Irina. Irina is a supermodel who just so happens to be in a pretty bad place at the moment bad spot in her life to
Which pretty much describes Mercy to a T, what she goes through on a daily basis trying to figure out what happened to her and who she is relates a lot to what Irina seems to be going through in terms of her struggles.
Mercy is finding it easier to remember and in doing so piecing her life together a lot quicker, this adds to the pace of the storyline and with it comes a few momentous revelations. One thing though is still consent, her love for Ryan. Will this go anywhere now that Mercy knows what she is and she came to be a "body snatcher"?

MERCY and EXILE had some action written into them but MUSE is full of it and sometimes I wonder if its bursting at the seams. With the action is compelled me to keep turning the pages. If I could sneak a few pages at work to help with the need to know what Mercy was going through I would.

The story 

An angel in exile, caught between lives ... and loves

Mercy is an angel, exiled from heaven, and when she wakes in the body of nineteen-year-old Irina, Mercy discovers that she′s one of the world′s most infamous supermodels on the verge of a very public breakdown. Against the glamorous background of Milan′s opulent fashion world, Mercy continues her increasingly desperate search for Ryan Daley, the mortal boy she remembers falling for in a past life. But this time, Mercy′s memories and powers are growing ever stronger - and she begins to doubt the pleas of her dream lover, Luc, as more of her mysterious past is revealed. Are Luc′s desires as selfless as her own or does he want her for a more terrifying purpose?

The grand scale celestial battle for Mercy′s soul builds to an incredible stormy crescendo as archangels and demons clash in a cataclysmic showdown that not all will survive ...

Rating: 3 stars
Book: Exile
 Author: Rebecca Lim
Type: series
Avalible at:  amazon , kmart, Target 

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DARK FLAME by Alyson Noel

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Dark Flame

In Dark Flame, Damen and Ever must deal with the fallout. With Haven being  impossible to deal with.
Damen and Ever are still on their never-ending quest to regain the antidote and finally allow them to consummate their love. But there are bigger problems Ever is finding herself increasingly drawn to her , Roman. 
Will she ever get her hands on that antidote?

I do  have a soft spot for the Immortals series. It was the first Young Adult series that I picked up in those dark post-Twilight days, and Damen soon helped me get over my enforced break up with Edward Cullen. 
The series can at times be a little frustrating , and yet, despite this, I look forward to each new installment. 

I liked the introduction of Haven as an immortal. It’s the shake up that this series needed, and while Haven caused quite a lot of trouble in this one, I’m sure there is more to come!  We also see get to know  more about Roman, and his background, which made me rethink his character a little.  
There are a few surprises in Dark Flame that I have to say i didn’t predict, and a great ending.  

The Story
In this eagerly awaited continuation of the bestselling Immortals series, Ever struggles to help her best friend Haven transition into life as an immortal—trying to keep her from doing anything that puts them at risk, while attempting to gain control over her enemy Roman, so she can finally obtain the antidote that will allow her and Damen to be together. But when the spell she casts backfires, resulting in a strange, foreign pulse that binds her to Roman instead, Ever turns to Jude and dark magick, desperately attempting to break free of the curse, and ultimately risking everything she knows and loves—including her beloved Damen.

Rating: 3.5 stars
 Author: Alyson Noel 
Type: series
Avalible at:  amazon , kmart, Target 

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Shadowland by Alyson Noel

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I loved the whole concept of The Immortals.This is the third book in the immortals and there is  lots going on. Roman is still causing havoc. Enter Jude.

The one thing didn't like about this book was the curse on Damen and Ever. Even though I'd love for Jude to sweep Ever off her feet, the  tension between Ever and Damen is insane.  After 600 years, they deserve happiness, but will they ever get it . 
I have to take a moment and mention Haven. So far in the series I have to say that i  haven't  really liked her that much. She seems like such a flake friend and there was something really off about her, but that changed in this book.

The Story

She always believed he was her destiny—but what if fate has other plans?
Ever and Damen have traveled through countless past lives—and fought off the world's darkest enemies—so they could be together forever. But just as their long-awaited destiny is finally within reach, a powerful curse falls upon that could destroy everything. Now a single touch of their hands or a soft brush of their lips could mean sudden death—plunging Damen into a bleak afterlife in the Shadowland, an eternal abyss for lost souls. Desperate to break the curse and save Damen, Ever immerses herself in magick—and gets help from an unexpected source...Jude Knight.
Although she and Jude have only just met, he feels startlingly familiar. Despite her fierce loyalty to Damen, Ever is drawn to Jude, a green-eyed golden boy with magical talents and a mysterious past. She's always believed Damen to be her soul mate and one true love—and she still believes it to be true. But as Damen pulls away to save them from the darkness inhabiting his soul, Ever's connection with Jude grows stronger—and tests her love for Damen like never before...
Rating: 4 stars
Book: Shadowland
 Author: Alyson Noel 
Type: series
Avalible at:  amazon , kmart, Target 

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