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Feather By Abra Ebner

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Feather By Abra Ebner

Abra Ebner is one of my favourite authors and her Feather series is a most read.

Estella life as an orphan was never easy.

For years she dreamed of leaving the city behind and now that she is eighteen, she finally feels free.

In the hopes of unravel her strange yet magical talents, Elle enrols at a secluded college nestled in North Cascades.

Elle is struggling to find her place at her new school, until she meets Professor Edgar.

Professor Edgar is young, handsome, yet strangely terrifying and that is suddenly intrigued to Elle.

Despite her fear of him, she finds mesmerizing, dangerous, and somehow familiar.

As her and Edgar relationship grows, she is suddenly drawn into a life she never knew she lived.  As her happiness returns, so do the forgotten demons of past.

Rating: 4 stars
Book: feather  
Author: Abra Ebner
Type:  series
Avalible at:  amazon


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