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The Lost Realm Blog Tour

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The Lost Realm Blog Tour The Lost Realm
"Some would call it a twin's intuition"
Cover- The Guardians 
When sixteen-year-old twins Emma and Evin LeFay are suddenly forced to pack their belongings after the tragic murder of their mother, they soon find that the busy city life of Boston, Massachusetts is more than they could have expected... First are the two mysterious boys that Emma crosses paths with one night, after being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. She thought she escaped them without getting caught, but it soon becomes apparent to her and Evin after a series of strange events that someone--or rather, several people--seem to be following them. It's after a close-run in with a group of menacing creatures, and the sudden aid of the same strange people that have been following them that Emma and Evin quickly realize there is more to Boston than skyscrapers and noisy cars. Left with no other options and seeking the truth behind their mother's murder, Emma and Evin accompany their saviors to a place known as Hawthorne Academy. It's here that the twins soon learn they are part of a supernatural race with rare abilities, known as Dracons, one Otherworld race amongst four other paranormal races that have lived in disguise as humans for centuries. Being part of an Otherworld race has its drawbacks, however, when Emma and Evin are enrolled for training at Hawthorne after a heated meeting with the Otherworld Council and its leaders. It's either sink or swim for these Otherworldly twins as they train at the academy and learn to control their unique gifts. Convinced life couldn't get much more bizarre, Emma and Evin discover a mysterious archway leading to an entirely different realm that has been lost over time. It's in this Lost Realm and the Celestial kingdom of Evmurah that the twins are dubbed the Guardians of the Realms, protectors of both the Mortal and Immortal Realms. It's Emma and Evin's job to protect both realms from the darkness that taints them and the mysterious Precursor that seems to want them dead. Kindle App Icon Goodreads App Icon
Cover- The Secret Society
It's been one month since Emma and Evin Lefay's encounter with the vengeful Caine Fletcher, and just as they are beginning to hope things can return to normal--or as normal as the Otherworlders' lives can be--the twins are attacked one night in a graveyard by mysterious, mask-wearing Stiffs... The twins learn the masked Stiffs are known as Venators, and are part of a secret society, whose sole purpose is to extinguish all Otherworld beings. If that's not enough, strange things are beginning to happen to Emma and Evin. Emma begins having preminitions, and Evin discovers he has the sudden, phenomenal ability to supernaturally heal his own wounds. Meanwhile, Tristan's sister is in town, and she's causing more trouble than good--mainly in Evin's love life. With two very different girls vying for his attention and only one girl worth chasing after, how can the Guardian possibly be expected to concentrate on much of anything else? As if they aren't already overwhelmed enough, the leader of the Boston Otherworld Mafia has taken a sudden interest in the Guardians. "Marco Polo," as he is called, promises to help Emma and Evin with the Venators--for an unlisted price. Things are quickly spinning out of control for Emma and Evin... Will they conquer the threats that face them? Or have the Guardians of the Realms finally met their match?

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About the Author

Headshot- K.L. Penington 
 K.L. Penington was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, which is what initially inspired the background for characters Emma and Evin. It was at an early age that K.L. discovered she was not whatsoever athletically gifted, an evil genius, or the next Beethoven. One thing she did know, however, was that she loved to read. As a result, growing up, some of her best friends and biggest influences in her life were the characters from her favorite books. The passion behind K.L.’s writing comes from the ability to be anyone and do anything, and because she can share the multiple different personalities living in her head without anyone judging her—much. Her dream has always been to one day see her own books on bookshelves, next to the hundreds of other books she enjoys reading. Currently residing in Wichita Falls, Texas, K.L. attends Midwestern State University, where she is in fierce pursuit of an English degree. When not writing, K.L. can be found haunting the local coffee shop, nurturing an everlasting addiction to chai tea, or spoiling her only child, Lily, the small poodle with the big attitude.
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Captivate by Vanessa garden

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In a glittering underwater world, nothing is as it seems...

For the past twelve months since her parents’ death, seventeen-year-old Miranda Sun has harboured a dark secret — a secret that has strained the close relationship she once shared with her


Miranda Sun had been taken against her will to the underwater city of Marin where she is expected to marry the king and bear his child.  All Miranda wants is to go home to her grandparents and sister.

As a a character Miranda has moments of complete strength, and compassion that you can forget that she is only 17. Yet at the times were her youth and vulnerability are openly exposed. Then you have Marko and Robbie so alike and yet at times so different. Both incredible loyal and protective.

The plot dove right in and within the first chapter we were in Marin with Miranda, trying to figure out how she could possibly escape an escapeless fortress. I felt so sorry for her as the entire population thought she was there willingly to save them and all placed their hopes in her. There was so much pressure on her to do her part to help a kingdom she did know or even understand. To top everything off you add a overbearing and controling sister, and family issues you have the makings of a fantastic series.

Whether your relaxing by the beach  or the pool this is the perfect summer novel. I can not wait to see what will happen next


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