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Jessica rules the dark side By Beth Frantaskey

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               Jessica rules the dark side                                By  Beth Frantaskey

This is the highly anticipated sequel to Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. I was excited to find out that there was a sequel to Jessica's guide but i was also a little worried about where the story might lead. But Jessica rules the dark side is a great sequel. With Jess growing and proving that  believing in your self can be a great gift 

The story
It was one thing to find out you are a vampire princess. But can Jess actually rule. Jess is having a hard enough time fitting in to her new life with her now husband, Lucius, at her side.

But when one of the elders turns up dead and all the evidence in the murder points to Lucius. Jess finds herself on her own. Determined to clear her Lucius name, Jessica launches her  own investigation, but will hallucinations and nightmares of betrayal get in her way.
 Jessica knows that with no blood to drink, Lucius’s time is running out fast, but can she find the real killer before it is to late?

Rating: 3.5 stars
Book: Jessica rules the dark side
 Author:Beth Frantaskey 
Type:  series
Avalible at:  amazon



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