Saturday, March 22, 2014

Diana Nixon week day one

Posted by Angel kk at Saturday, March 22, 2014

Today is the start of Diana Nixon week. Today we are taking a look at the first book in the  Love lines series.

#1 - Love lines

The traces of supernatural powers have always been crossing the world of human beings. Many people know about the existence of healers, mind readers, oneiromancers and wizards. But for centuries their lives have been kept secret and no one has ever heard about Dever, a kingdom of mysteries and magic.

Neither has Eileen Clark, whose life has never been different from the one other teenagers have.

Everything changes the day Eileen receives an invitation to join the ranks of Dever's students.

Nothing will ever be the same again…

New life, new friends, new enemies…

And love so powerful that no magic will be able to destroy…


For several nights I have had the same dream. I'm standing on the shore of a huge lake, and it seems to be so pure that the tiny grains of sand on its bottom can be seen through the crystal clear water. I want to touch the crystal surface, so I sit down and put my hand on it, watching a wonderful golden picture of complicated lace lines appear in front of me. It seems to be floating across the boundless lake, further and further away from my hand. I'm looking at it, mesmerized, until I notice a stranger's hand next to mine. It touches the water surface and begins to draw its own picture on top of mine, and though at first it seems to be different, I soon notice that the picture is identical to mine. The lines of my pattern that have already found their reflection in the stranger's picture begin to shine and sparkle with thousands of colors, creating an illusion of endless sunlight and warmth. But when I look up in the direction of the person standing next to me, I wake up with my heart beating fast and an odd tingling on my right shoulder. I get up, walk over to the mirror trying to see what could be wrong with my shoulder, but can't see anything unusual.


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