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Banished from Grace (Banished from Grace,#1) by Aria Williams

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Nardia is a young woman who woke up in an abandoned building over four hundred years ago when the plague was sweeping England. It was at this time she discovered that she had a special gift. She could heal the sick with her bare hands. Fast forward to the present day she has not aged and has no recollection of who she is and why she can perform miracles. Life should be easy for Nardia, she is young and beautiful and could get any man she wanted, she just didn't expect for two wonderful men to show so much interest at the same time. Nardia is confused and worries that making the wrong choice between the men could have disastrous conquences . One of these men is deceitful and has his own agenda and has not told the truth from the moment they met

To everyone that knows her Nardia is a hardworking and dedicated nurse; responsible and diligent in her duty. But that is only the half of it. She has been around for hundreds of years, never aging and apparently indestructible. Her only calling is to heal - a calling that has a divine purpose - but Nardia's life takes an unexpected turn for better and worse...

Firstly I am a fan of Aira Williams work and this book is no exception

Aria builds the world through the eyes of her character which helps to pull you into the life of the characters. It also helps to make you feel part of the story

Overall I enjoyed the story. There are still elements of the narrative that I found at times were a little sharp and blunt.  Though by the end I was wishing for more and will be very interested to see how this story develops.
This is one to put into your to read pile.


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