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Lorali by Laura Dockrill

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Colourful, raw, brave, rich and fantastical - this mermaid tale is not for the faint-hearted.

Looking after a naked girl he found washed up under Hastings pier isn't exactly how Rory had imagined spending his sixteenth birthday. But more surprising than finding her in the first place is discovering where she has come from.

Lorali is running not just from the sea, not just from her position as princess, but her entire destiny. Lorali has rejected life as a mermaid, and become human.

But along with Lorali's arrival, and the freak weather suddenly battering the coast, more strange visitors begin appearing in Rory's bemused Sussex town. With beautifully coiffed hair, sharp-collared shirts and a pirate ship shaped like a Tudor house, the Abelgare boys are a mystery all of their own. What are they really up to? Can Rory protect Lorali? And who from? And where does she really belong, anyway?


I received Lorali by Laura Dockrill from The Five Mile Press (Hot Key Books) in exchanged for an honest review. This has in no way influenced my thoughts on the book. 

As soon as I read the synopsis for Lorali, I knew that this was a book that was going to be on my to read.
Lorali is a  fun, exciting read, that had me turning page after page.

Lets start with the beautiful cover. This is  a simple cover with a twist it has scales that you can feel .

Normally I am not a fan of books that are told from different POV, but in this case I found it easy to follow and that it added a depth to the story.
Rory the male lead and Lorali the mermaid and ‘The Sea.’  

Lorali’s point of view in particular is  interesting, as all her sentences are short and at times a little unclear. It reminds me of a toddler when the are first learning to put sentences together.   

‘The Sea’ followed a different people and it also gave the reader some back story on the events and people that were brought up through the book. 

I also liked the fact that Laura Dockrill  added a modern element to 5he stiry by adding article s from  newspaper/internet and other forms of media pieces in the book. Which helpped to join elements of the story.

There are not only mermaids in the story but pirates as well. 
There is a group of guys who one would consider borderline  pirates live on a ship called Liberty.  With what you learn about them in the story you could see a spin off story with just them.

I loved the plot, the characters and all the twists and turns. There is so much more that I could go on about, but I won’t spoil it for you.  

This is the perfect book to curl up with on the weekend.  If you TV looking for a mermaid story check out Lorali by Laura Dockrill.



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