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Embers and Echoes (Wildefire #2) by Karsten Knight

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I loved WIldefire. So I was very excited to see what would happen next

Embers & Echoes started exactly where the first book ended, and with that huge cliffhanger ending in Wildefire, expect another thrill ride, lots of suspense, actions, mysteries and of course romance.

What I loved about Karsten Knight's books is the humor and wit that he injects into the story. This book doesn't lack of those. It balances the story especially when the book is full of suspense and heart-throbbing actions. There are old enemies, old foes, new friends.

The only down side is the fact that for Ash everything she touches seems to go to hell. Whether it is friends  or family nothing seems to every go right for her. 
By the end of the story you honestly can not help but feel sorry for her and hope that as great as a god or goddess would be you never have a friend like her

The mysteries and twists are even more intriguing. This book is amazing. The secrets and the revelations aren't what I expected either. There are more secrets from the past that are yet to reviled and I'm very excited to see them revealed on the next book. I enjoyed it and I am eagerly anticipating the third. Full of actions, mysteries, suspense, wit and even drama, this book will put you at the edge of your seat. Fingers crossed  things will work out for Ash.


Ashline Wilde may have needed school to learn that she is actually a reincarnated goddess, but she’s ready to move beyond books. She leaves her California boarding school behind and makes for Miami, where she meets a new group of deities and desperately seeks her sister Rose, the goddess of war. But she’s also looking for love—because even though her romance with Cole had to be snuffed, Ash is a volcano goddess—and she doesn’t get burned.

This sequel to the edgy and action-packed Wildefire continues a fiery drama on an immortal scale.


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