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Author Diann Shaddox

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This weeks author in the spotlight is  Diann Shaddox. Author of A Faded Cottage

 Diann’s Bio
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Diann Shaddox, if you haven’t noticed, Diann, two n’s and no e is spelled different. 

What is it that you might want to know about me? First, I write love stories, sci/fi, mysteries, & children’s books and I’m the author of A FADED COTTAGE. I’m a member of the Wyandotte Nation, & I have Essential Tremors. Please follow me on twitter @yahtasay and check out my website

Second, I grew up in southwest Arkansas, in a rural town, where Main Street has diagonal parking, old brick buildings containing a bank, old fashion pharmacy, and even a Dime Store. The small town of Nashville is surrounded by farms and rolling countryside and is a modest, but quaint southern town where football still reigns supreme. A town that brought my imagination to life, hot summer evenings catching fireflies, riding bikes all over the small town and swimming in creeks and lakes. 

I’m still a true southern girl, but my imagination in my books spreads over the world, with fantasy books that begin in Maine, the city of Boston, San Francisco, and even go to the remote Greek islands. 

I’m a Native American and a member of the Wyandotte Nation. I also have a collection of Native American children’s tales that I’m working on for future books.

My southern roots emerge in my first published novel, A Faded Cottage. 

I love meeting new people; we all have our own stories to tell in our books of life and I look forward to hearing from you.

A chance meeting on the beach of Hathaway Cove in the summer of 1952, brings Quaid & Sandy, two teenagers from different worlds, together, falling in love.
 A love that you only find once in your life.
A love that lasted a lifetime.
But a lost letter keeps Quaid & Sandy apart.
Now, thirty years later, fate, a painting left in a faded cottage, draws Quaid back to Hathaway Cove to that same beach where he began painting as a young boy, the place he met his one true love, and the place he let her go. 
But will fate keep them apart, once more?

 Questions and Answers

If you could be any paranormal creature what would you be
 A ghost, but, I would want to be a ghost that could move from place to place, not one that would be stuck in one home.
Do you have any writing ritual? if so what?
 Not really, I write anywhere and anytime of the day, however most of the time it is in my cubby office. I do like to write late at night. Nighttime seems to bring my dreams in my head to life.
Who inspired you to become a writer? 
I became a writer because I had so many stories to tell. I do love Edgar R. Burroughs, he had an unending imagination.
What is the strangest place your writing has taken you. 
This question is difficult. In my mind I’ve traveled the world in tall sailing ships, on trains, gone to remote islands, deep into the center of the Earth, to other worlds and even to Haides.
Traditional book or ebook?
 “A Faded Cottage” is in print and ebook.
Where do you get your writing inspiration from?
 My imagination, even as I child I could see and hear things in my mind.
What story/ character  have you most enjoyed creating ?
 This is even more difficult to answer and I will let my readers decide in the future.
how did you decide what to have on your cover? 
“A Faded Cottage is set in Hathaway Cove, SC on the beach, so I had to have a beach scene.


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