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Wool By Hugh Howey

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I was lucky enough to be asked to read and review Hugh Howey Wool.                                              This is a post-apocalyptic novel where readers are introduced to a society of humans living in what appears be a silo transformed into an underground habitation. The people living in the silo are focused on living their lives and surviving below ground. In the instances when people show dissatisfaction, or  hope about the  world outside of the silo,  they are given what they want. To go outside.

Wool, Hugh HoweyThe descriptions and imagery throughout the story, orients readers to how life has changed in subterranean lifestyle.
Wool is a warning cry against the dangers of maintaining the status quo without any  thoughts of the future. It tells of the dangers of controlled information, and how control of  information and communication can be used to control a population even without that population’s knowledge. 
Wool is an interesting and exciting story but its message about the dangers of the manipulation information and communication is thought provoking.  

The story
How would you live in a world where…
Grey skies are blue
And air is unbreathable
Where love is the greatest release
And the deadliest bond
Where every birth requires a death
And the choices you make could save lives – or destroy them.
This is Jules' story
This is the world of Wool.


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