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Shine Light Blog tour Stop 9

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Shine Light Blog tour
Welcome to the Shine Light blog tour. At each stop we’ll be revealing something new about the characters in Shine Light. What makes them tick? Do they have any secrets? Read on to find out . . .

Dark Eve

Following on from our conversation about Clash, it’s timely that I talk to you about Dark Eve. Almost none of her back story is shared with the reader, so we only get to know her though her actions. I've portrayed her as a charismatic, physically imposing person with strong leadership abilities. For some reason when I pictured her, I saw little silver daggers hanging from her leather tunic. I could not get them out of my head. I also knew instantly that her weapon of choice would be something heavy, lethal but blunt – in a way symbolic of her own style.

Eve falls deeply in love with Joel/Clash from the moment she meets him but she keeps it a secret, especially from him.  Instinctively, sets about binding him to her through The Cursed League. Clash is a willing devotee of her cause and the only obstacle to her seduction of him is Charlonge. Clash cares for the Vank supervisor in a way that keeps him questioning himself and what he does.  Charlonge’s pacifist ways and obsession with books annoy Eve, but she knows better than to let it show. Also, the calculating part of her brain knows it’s to the League’s advantage to have someone with Charlonge’s knowledge of history on their side.

Ultimately, Eve is all the things she appears to be; a forceful and capable saviour of the Young Ones. Despite her determination to have Clash as hers at any cost, she is a good leader and a level-headed thinker. Definitely a person you want on your side when the s… goes down. I would think twice before crossing her though, and she and Charlonge engage in a dangerous battle of wits as the story unfolds after SHINE LIGHT finishes.

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Sneak Peak
Shine Light By Marianne de Pierres
Stop 9 of 13

Ruzalia left the window and spoke into the narrow voice tube to one of her crew below. ‘Cut the engine and employ the draculins.’
For long moments the ship dipped and bobbed with the change in speed. Then slowly they regained stability. Naif heard the whip of long wings slicing through the air. The draculins were towing them.
‘The gantry awaits,’ announced Ruzalia. She led them all down the narrow steps to the under-cabin of the ship. From there they would be lowered to the ground.
Markes hung back as the others descended, his hand on Naif ’s sleeve.
‘I’m not sure when I will start to weaken.’
Naif wanted to hug him and say that she’d do anything to find a way to reverse or remove the badge. But she lacked courage to do either with the others nearby. She settled for squeezing his arm. ‘My badge was revoked. Yours can be too.’
‘But if something happens to me . . . Please, will you see that Emilia and Jarrold are safe?’
‘Jarrold will take care of his sister,’ said Naif carefully.
‘I know,’ said Markes, a scant smile touching his lips. ‘But who will take care of Jarrold? I just want to know that you won’t abandon them. Please, Naif.’
‘What if they abandon me?’ Naif answered. ‘There is no way of knowing how any of our futures will play out.’
Markes took her hand from his sleeve and pressed it to his mouth.
The warmth of his breath eased her dread.
He leaned in closer. ‘I haven’t had a chance to explain to you about Emilia. Naif, I feel for you. As I do for her. But differently –’
Naif ’s heart skittered at the untimely declaration. Her stomach curled on itself. ‘You don’t need to –’
Ruzalia’s stern tones cut across her reply. ‘Naif! Markes! Attend us! We must lower the gantry now.’

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