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Witch By Fiona Horne

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Ever felt like you just don’t fit in?
 That you’re a freak? 

Maybe you’re a witch.

Witch by Fiona Horne is the perfect book for a sunny afternoon. With character that everyone can relate and identify with.
After spending her life growing up in Australia Vania parents decide it’s time to move back to Summerland, California.

Vania is your average 16 year old girl. A little bit of a loner who wants nothing more than to fit in at school and maybe even have a boyfriend.
When her over protective parents decide to move from Australia back to Summerland where Vania was born.  Her life will change for ever

After being treat like crap by some of the popular kids, Vania fell even more out of place. That is until Bryce ( one of the popular girls boyfriend) decides he has had enough of the  way the popular group is treating everyone in particular Vania, and decides that he wants to hang out with her.
As Vania finds her place with her new friends Amelia and Alyssa and new boy Dean. They discover that they all share not only an interest in magic, but a knack and decide to form a coven.
Wanting to use their new found powers for good, they decide to solve an unsolved murder of a woman. However this may be one door that should have been left closed.

The way the group comes together does happen very fast. But I believe that this is to show that they are drawn together. That magic calls to other magic. It also adds to the idea that everyone has a place that they truly belong.  

I loved the friends in this story and found myself wishing I had friends like them (in particular the twins. )

As in any good story, there is a villain. I did find that the villain was a little easy to predict. I would of loved for there to be more than one person who it could have been, but once I had finished the book and thought about it I think it was obverse from the start.

The story’s mystery and unfolding plot, were easy to follow and to a point there were no huge surprises. I found that  Fiona Horne's own life experience with witchcraft really shone through, and made the story more authentic. With careful attention being paid to the details including spells, ingredients, the moon, and the power of positive thinking.  With her also touching on spiritualist/medium elements, which was interesting and I wish that there had been more of.

Witch would make the perfect novel for those who are just starting to read YA or for someone who is looking for the perfect holiday read. So cast a spell and get your self a copy today 

You will be bewitched by this tale
The story
 Vania has felt like an outsider her entire life so when she moved from Australia to Summerland, California, the last thing she expected to feel was that she'd come home. But there's something about this picturesque town that feels familiar to Vania. And powerful. And while Vania knows that the power is good, there is something evil stalking her too. Something or someone determined to hunt her down before she becomes too strong. But whatever is coming for Vania hasn't bargained on Bryce: the good-looking school captain with his own secret. Protecting Vania though may come at a price.

Rating: 3.7 stars
Book: Witch 
Author: Fiona Horne
Publisher: Allen & Unwin  
Publish Date: 1-Sep-2012 
Country of Publication: Australia


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