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Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer

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I know that there has been thousands of reviews on twilight. So this isnt a review this is a recommendation

With the final movie in the Twilight series coming out in a couple of weeks. (I hope you have your tickets) I thought it would be a great opportunity to take a look at the amazing books that started it all. 

I have to admit the Twilight series is where my love affair with reading began. Before I picked up Twilight I had never really enjoyed reading, it was one of those things that you had to do at school, but had never court my interest.   Now I wish I hadn't waited so long to fall in love with it. 

With each book containing it’s on smaller story; while at the same time continue to tell the lager story. At its heart it is a story of Love, which is why its appeal was so large. Everyone wants to find that one true love. Their soul-mate. It was easy to related to parts of the characters lives in the story, from the need to fit in, to be accepted, to find their place in the world  and the pain of losing the one you love.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the series was that it made you feel like you were actually there as the story unfolds. Whether it was cold and wet day at Forks high school, the rock-pools at Lu push, the shops at Port Angeles, or the streets of Italy.  The way elements of the story are described and the imagery that is use pulls you into the story.

The characters in this series are each intriguing and could all easily have there on book. I would love to read the story of Alice and Jasper for example.  

The Twilight series is one of those stories that are going to be known as a classic. It was part of the paranormal story revelation. It has inspired people to read again. 

This is one of those series that everyone should read at least once in their life. (I’m my case and so many others way more than once) I would recommend reading it before you see the movies. As it adds a greater understanding and knowledge to the story that you are seeing 


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