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A discovery of witches by Deborah Harkness

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                       A discovery of witches
                    by Deborah Harkness

I decide to read this book after hearing amazing reviews on tv and radio about it . I wanted to see if it could live up to the hype

I was surprised as to how quickly i became engrossed in this
story. Now i can not wait for the second installment in this series
which is avalible this year.

The story of  Diana Bishop, a women who her whole life has hidden  who she truly is. A witch. But now there is going to be no ignoring who she really is, when she unintentionally opens a bewitched alchemical manuscript in Oxford’s Bodleian Library. Pulling her back into a life that she has been running from

Now Diana is being followed by  witches demonds and vampires and she doesnt know why.
Among the creatures who gather around Diana is vampire Matthew Clairmont, a geneticist with a passion for Darwin.  Now  Diana and Matthew are going to embark on a journey that is going to take them to places they never thought possible.

Love,  Mystery and Wine. 

Rating: 4.5 stars
Book: discovery of witches
Author:deborah harkness
Type:  series
Avalible at:  amazon


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