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Midnight Falls ( Sky Brooks #3 ) by McKenzie Hunter

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Skylar has finally accepted that her life will never be simple again. As a host to a spirit shade and a werewolf with the ability to manipulate magic, she has many enemies in the otherworld just for being what she is—an anomaly. In possession of dark magic that she can barely control, she lived in constant fear for her life until she joined the Midwest Pack.

The Midwest Pack was supposed to keep her safe and make things less chaotic. Instead, she is pulled into a clandestine world with strange politics and secrets. With secrets come danger and when some are discovered, Skylar finds herself protecting the pack and saving the life of the Beta. But Skylar is cursed for her good deed by the Creed, the ruling body of the witches.

Complicating her life even more, the Midwest Pack becomes responsible for protecting the Clostra, a book of magic. In the wrong hands, it can destroy the otherworld and force a battle that no one can win.

All Skylar ever wanted was a normal life, so when she meets a charismatic, powerful and mysterious witch, who claims that he can remove her curse and her lycanthropy, Skylar is enticed. But this too comes at a price—the betrayal of her pack.

Which will she choose?


I received a copy of Midnight falls for an honest review.

Welcome back to the world of Sky Brooks. First let me start by saying I love this series from McKenzie Hunter. It has such a refreshing twist on some classic character ideas.   

So far in this series we have seen the evolution of Skylar from her struggling to deal with what she really is, and the discovery that is more than just a normal werewolf. Now that she has started to find her place in the pack, she is learning to except herself and discover her origans.

With the vampires taking more of a back seat in Midnight falls it is time for the other in the supernatural world to take a step into the spotlight. The witches in particular become a large pain in Skylar’s life. As the quest for power amongst the magical community turns into a vicious race for the ultimate weapon. The spells in the Clostra. When Skylar discovers that  Marcia the head of the creed has her Aufero, the situation will become more complicated. This allows for new story develops and the introduction of new characters.

 Don’t worry the vampires are not completely absent from the story. The mysterious Quell  does make a appearance and even leaves Skylar with some sage advice.  

 Ethan is still playing a large role in Skylar’s development and integration to the pack. Though his motives and interest in Skylar are still not truly clear. You can see that Skylar’s feelings are beginning to become clear.  Though a large piece of the Ethan puzzle will become clear, as we learn more about his background and abilities. 

I really loved this book and have tried my best to keep from giving away too much in the way of spoilers. If you haven’t read this series yet then you need to order your copies and get started.


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