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Moon Tortured (Sky Brooks #1)by McKenzie Hunter

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Skylar’s death came not at the end, after a long fulfilling existence, not in the middle, as a result of an untimely tragic event—but at the beginning, with her birth. 

As a final effort to save her dying unborn child, Skylar’s pregnant mother, a witch, sacrificed herself by invoking a powerful spirit shade to inhabit Skylar’s body, imbuing her with life. For twenty-three years, Skylar lived a life of oblivion, content with her simple job, loving adoptive mother and the monthly inconvenience of a full moon hangover after being sedated and caged when she changed into a wolf. It wasn’t exciting but it was her life until one night, she woke up in a strange room in the middle of rural Illinois—bruised and with jumbled memories of her mother’s death from a vampire attack. The Midwest pack comes to her rescue. Known for being more ruthless than altruistic she doesn’t know if she can trust them. 

But after an assassination attempt by a necromancer, an abduction attempt by a mercenary, and more aggressive and violent attacks by the vampires, she has no other choice but to accept their help. The Midwest pack quickly discover that Skylar is the host to a spirit shade, who gives her magical abilities, that make her as much of a danger as an asset and that she is the key to the vampires’ plan to perform a ritual that will give them unrestricted power. Tension rises as the pack become divided between those who think her life is worth protecting as a potential ally and those who believe she is too dangerous to live. In the end, Skylar finds herself fighting for her life—a life that may be tragically taken too soon.


Let me start by saying that I was lucky enough to receive a copy from McKenzie Hunter in exchange for a honest review.

I honestly think that this series could be the next big thing! As I read it I could see the potential for a movie or TV series.

Lets start at the beginning. Skylar is the anything but your typical leading lady. If anything is is a combination  of your favorite leading ladies.  Like anyone with a gift they don't really want or understand, all she has ever wanted was to be a normal but fate had other plans. 

We are introduced  to Skylar  in the first line of the book. "This isn't the first time I awoke in a strange place, naked and bloodstained." Which pulls you straight  into her world.

Skylar has a semi-normal life with her adoptive mother until a horrendous vampire attack leaves her alone. When Skylar  wakes up, she finds herself in the hands of the Midwest Pack, who are determined to  protect her.

The Midwest pack seem to be very likeable and protective characters.   The pack consists of many were animals but  we are only really introduce  to a few key members. Sebastian the Alpha, Ethan the Beta, Josh a Warlock, Steven a Coyote, Winter a Snake and a guest Beta from another pack, Joan a panther. 

I am a sucker for books containing vampires and werewolves but McKenzie  intertwine them in a way that the book feels both familiar and brand new at the same time.

If you are a fan of the  paranormal  fiction then this is a book you need to get your hands on.

Rating ☆☆☆☆☆


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