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Impulse by Vanessa Garden

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When Miranda Sun returns to Marin on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, this time of her own free will, she quickly learns that her worst fears have been realised. The glittering underwater city is not as she had left it, nor too is Marko, the young king who has dominated her thoughts and heart for the last twelve months since leaving Marin.

Miranda, however, has not made the journey to Marin alone, and now must contend with not only Marko’s evil brother Damir but more surprisingly her sister Lauren who has an agenda of her own.  Marko’s power begins to wane and with cracks beginning to show in the domed Utopian city, and veiled danger lurking everywhere, she quickly learns that in this dazzling city full of beautiful people she can trust no-one but herself.

If Miranda wants to survive, she must decide between the hardened sensibilities  in her head and the hungers of her heart. Will her decision cause more heartach can she help to save Marko’s throne?


i have been lucky enough to get a ARC of Impulse by Vanessa Garden. This is the second book in the series and  I can honestly say that you will not be disappointed. 

There is so much that would love to tell you about but that would spoil the story for you. So I will try my best not to give anything away.

Vanessa takes us back on a journey to our favorite underwater civilization, we're from the outside everything looks perfect,  but on closer examination all is far from perfect.  Set a year after  Miranda first visit to Marin.  She is turning 18 and the time had come for her to make the choice to stay with  her family or go to Marko.  However when she arrives back in Marin things are not as she had expected. Now she must find the strength and courage to help Marko and the people of Marin.

As you can see from the synopsis Marinda sister Lauren has tagged along, however this may not be as happy of family reunion as she had hoped.  Especially with the fact that Marko brother and sister are still in the in the picture. Leaving the question is who can Marko and Marinda truly trust?

In this book we also get to learn a little more about Marin and it's people. Though we do not get to visit the colosseum

This is a fantastic read and I can not wait to see what will happen next. Impulse will have you looking to the ocean this summer.


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