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Death & co by D. J. McCune

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Adam comes from a family of Lumens. Their only job in life is to guide you into whatever is waiting in the next life. Adam doesn't necessarily share the same dream as the rest of his family. He throws up and gets blood noses when he goes out with his father and brothers. Adam wants to stay in school and be a doctor. He wants to save lives, not to feel like he is ending them. Can he challenge the fate? There are a couple of  smaller stories that feel like they are being intertwined into the overall story. 1. Adam and his friends messing with a bullie of a teacher who's son is also bulling Adam
Adam trying to live a normal life part of that is trying to go on a date with the girl of his dreams.  If your life was set out before you would you take the path you were told to or would you create your own destiny?


Adam is a Luman, and it runs in the family. Escorting the dead from life into light, Adam must act as guide to those taken before their time. As his older brothers fall into their fate however, Adam clings to his life as a normal kid -one who likes girls, hates the Head and has a pile of homework to get through by Monday morning. When Adam gets a terrible premonition he realises that he must make a devastating choice, risking his life, his family and his destiny

Series: Death & Co. Paperback: 288 pages Publisher: Hot Key Books (May 2, 2013) Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1471400926


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