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DARK FLAME by Alyson Noel

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Dark Flame

In Dark Flame, Damen and Ever must deal with the fallout. With Haven being  impossible to deal with.
Damen and Ever are still on their never-ending quest to regain the antidote and finally allow them to consummate their love. But there are bigger problems Ever is finding herself increasingly drawn to her , Roman. 
Will she ever get her hands on that antidote?

I do  have a soft spot for the Immortals series. It was the first Young Adult series that I picked up in those dark post-Twilight days, and Damen soon helped me get over my enforced break up with Edward Cullen. 
The series can at times be a little frustrating , and yet, despite this, I look forward to each new installment. 

I liked the introduction of Haven as an immortal. It’s the shake up that this series needed, and while Haven caused quite a lot of trouble in this one, I’m sure there is more to come!  We also see get to know  more about Roman, and his background, which made me rethink his character a little.  
There are a few surprises in Dark Flame that I have to say i didn’t predict, and a great ending.  

The Story
In this eagerly awaited continuation of the bestselling Immortals series, Ever struggles to help her best friend Haven transition into life as an immortal—trying to keep her from doing anything that puts them at risk, while attempting to gain control over her enemy Roman, so she can finally obtain the antidote that will allow her and Damen to be together. But when the spell she casts backfires, resulting in a strange, foreign pulse that binds her to Roman instead, Ever turns to Jude and dark magick, desperately attempting to break free of the curse, and ultimately risking everything she knows and loves—including her beloved Damen.

Rating: 3.5 stars
 Author: Alyson Noel 
Type: series
Avalible at:  amazon , kmart, Target 


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